Who writes your story?

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    Sitting at my desk in my modestly sized home office I am gazing out at the beautiful sea view that lays beyond our new house.   A huge smile is on my face as the warm July breeze carries the smell of the sea in through the window, accompanied by the sounds of seagulls flying overhead.  All the sights, sounds,…

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How to deal with abusive people

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  So there we stood at the entrance to the venue.  Me in the doorway and the most angry woman I had come across in a long time opposite me.   My instructions that day had been clear.  No-one enters the venue without a ticket.  I sympathised with the fact that her little boy desperately needed the bathroom, and only…

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10 things that make the perfect job (and how to get them)

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  Let’s face it, most people in the developed world don’t look forward to going to work.   We live instead for the weekends and the holidays, even for just getting home in the evening.  We don’t enjoy the way that we contribute to the world, which is crazy because when what we do is in true alignment with who we are,…

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New Year’s Resolutions – in August

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  When it came to new year’s resolutions, for years I followed this pattern: Wait for New Year’s Day. Make my new year’s resolutions. Not write them down. Start on the 1st of January with high expectations. By the end of January realise that I’m only a 5th of the way through. Give up & decide I’ll try again next…

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How to make the most of learning

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  I can honestly say that some of the biggest changes in my life have taken place over the last 10 years.   The life I lead today is closer to the ideas that I had about what my perfect life should look like than I ever thought possible and the path is laid out for it to become even more incredible in years to…

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Leaving the 9-5 behind

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  I’m currently lucky enough to be part of some amazing communities.  Communities filled with people dedicated to helping each other build the life of our dreams.   The first of these is the community responsible for helping me to plot a path away from the 9-5 workday and towards the digital lifestyle.  A lifestyle that many of those leading…

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Balancing your brain

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  The weather was typically British, one minute beautiful sunshine and the next rain and thunder.   In the middle of this unpredictable weather 3 planes left London Luton airport on direct flights to Glasgow, but only one of these planes would arrive in Glasgow with a cabin full of happy passengers.   All planes left in good weather but…

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Your lost power

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  We have a lot of thoughts each day.   There are various estimates kicking around as to exactly how many a ‘lot’ is, but I think we all know that a lot is a fairly good description.   Many of the thoughts you have each day are passing through and may have some benefit in the now or may…

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Who is forgiveness for?

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  I was driving along the dual carriageway on my way home from work and I hadn’t had a great day. I wasn’t in the best of moods and the mannerisms of some of the drivers around me weren’t helping.   Seriously, I thought, what’s the rush? Do you really have to risk my life so you can get home…

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Take Control

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  Amongst the three foundation articles for this site lies the story of the old lady with a beautiful garden, who awoke one morning to find her garden filled with litter.  The point of the article being that responsibility does not equal blame.   But why is this so key?  Why is it so important that we separate these two…

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It’s not true

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  In September 2016 I had the chance to spend 7 days with David Key at Knebworth House, just north of London, studying Neuro-Linguistic Programming.  A course which lead to my certification as a practitioner of NLP.  The course was great fun, and all the students and tutors were wonderful people to spend time with.   However, at the end…

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Touch of the Present

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  It was 4am on a Friday morning and my week had not been a good one.   The local theatre where I had been volunteering as a technician for the last 20 years had previously announced that they were in trouble financially, and two days earlier with no warning they announced they would not be opening the next day.   Productions…

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Two escape lanes from negative thinking

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    The negative thinking spiral.   We’ve all been there.   Sometimes for a few minutes, sometimes for days.   We start to worry, or regret a particular situation, and we focus on it more and more until it becomes this huge monster sucking our energy.  Before we know it a chunk of our lives has passed us by…

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The symbols that we call words

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  What picture comes into your head when I say the word “apple”?   A yummy crunchy green apple? Maybe a red one? Maybe a fresh apple hanging on a tree? Maybe it’s rotten? Maybe it’s in a bowl? Maybe it’s the flavour of apple separate from any physical form? Maybe a juice? Maybe it’s a type of tree? ……..or maybe it’s an electronics company that…

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You’re not to blame

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  One of the words you will hear most from the best mentors in the world is the word ‘responsibility’.  The act of taking responsibility is one of those master keys that opens the doors to massive success, effectiveness, and abundance.   Yet for many this word brings a chill to the spine and immediately triggers a deeply unpleasant feeling.   Why?  Well, perhaps it’s because…

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The Question

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  Today we live in what is undeniably the most amazing and exciting time in all human history.  For those of us lucky to enough to live in first world countries this is the most abundant century ever.   We have healthcare that keeps suffering to a minimum and allows us to live longer than ever. We have transport that allows us…

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