10 things that make the perfect job (and how to get them)

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Let’s face it, most people in the developed world don’t look forward to going to work.


We live instead for the weekends and the holidays, even for just getting home in the evening.  We don’t enjoy the way that we contribute to the world, which is crazy because when what we do is in true alignment with who we are, then these moments of contribution are when we are at our happiest.


So what is wrong with the careers we find ourselves in today? What needs to change?


Well here’s my top 10 requirements for that dream job.  Some of them may sound unrealistic to you, but I promise they are all possible (and I’ll tell you how later).


The Dream Job Top 10


1) Time Freedom

We should be able to choose when we work.  Whether we like to work on a schedule, maybe early in the morning or late at night, or whether we just prefer to work when we’re in the mood and stop when we’re not.


2) Flexible Workload

We should be able to choose not just when we work but how much of our time we spend working.  Of course the reality here is that the reward we receive will always mirror how much we deliver but we should have the freedom to deliver more sometimes and less others on the understanding that what we receive will reflect this.


3) Place Freedom

We should be able to work from anywhere in the world.  Why should our travel be limited to our holidays or the place we choose to live be defined by where our employer is based. With the internet now available across most of the world we should be able to work from anywhere we like.  Whether that is the same place every day or 5 different places a week.


4) BS free

You know what BS stands for!  How many times have you seen people who excel at promoting themselves be rewarded above those that really deliver.  A dream workplace would be one where people couldn’t make a living out of just looking good, instead a place where reward was 100% based on how much value we deliver.


5) Blame free

The finger pointing.  An incredibly destructive disease that has made it’s way through the traditional economy.  Based entirely on feelings of insecurity this practice replaces support and encouragement with a practice of avoiding responsibility.  It puts employees in a position where they are afraid to fail which in itself is massively destructive as failure is our most effective teacher.  Any dream job has to be free of this disease.


6) No over-controlling employer

Throughout the history of the traditional economy employers have made sneaky entries into their contracts that the signing employee, lacking the team of legal advisers available to the employer, has little idea of.  These not only place limits on the employees freedom during the working day but are increasingly starting to impact outside the workplace too.  Many contracts now contain clauses limiting the activities that employees can undertake with other companies outside of work hours and it’s even more common to find that the contracted hours are defined as “as many hours as is needed to do the job”.  This opens the way for employers to control every hour of our lives.  In our dream job we set the boundaries.


7) Working towards your own vision

Very few of us get this luxury right now.  We feel that we can only earn a living building somebody else’s vision.  We all have the ability to build our own vision of the future and the right to work towards that vision before anybody else’s.


8)  Work on your own interests

We are never more productive than when we are working on something that we genuinely find enjoyable.  Those interests that capture our curiosity, our determination and our sense of achievement, drive us many times more effectively than any boss.


9) Maximise your potential (and receive matching reward)

When we work towards our own vision in an area that interests us we excel at a whole new level.  We achieve far beyond our own expectations and the expectations of others and only here do we really reach our full potential.


10) So enjoyable you don’t need holidays or weekends.

When all this comes together it becomes a calling, a purpose, and when we are driven at such a deep level the work itself is more refreshing than any holiday.



Now this may sound like a pipe dream to you.  You may look at this list and think that all this sounds amazing, but simply isn’t possible in the real world.


Well that’s where you are wrong, because there is a way you can have it all, but first let me introduce you to the digital economy.



Group of young people sitting at a coffee shop with digital tablet and laptop.


The Digital Economy


We all know the traditional economy has had it’s ups and downs recently, mostly the latter.  However, through all this the digital economy has just gone from strength to strength with the biggest players, people like Amazon, Facebook, Google and Microsoft becoming some of the biggest companies in the world today.


Many employees of the traditional economy consider those lucky enough to work for these big players to be extremely lucky, but the reality is you don’t need to be an employee in the digital economy to benefit from it’s success.  You can have all the benefits of working in the digital economy, and all the 10 wish list items listed above in the career of a digital entrepreneur.


Unfortunately though, many are put off moving to the lifestyle of a digital entrepreneur by the illusion that you need to have ground-breaking new ideas or killer technical skills to make it in this new world.  In truth though you only need 4 things to succeed as a digital entrepreneur:


  1. Training.
  2. A few key tools.
  3. An awesome community of like-minded people helping and supporting you through the transition and beyond.
  4. The willingness to put in the time and effort needed to be a success.


Now number 4, well that only you can do, but the other 3 are right here for you whenever your ready for them.



Are you ready yet?


I’m going to show you where you can find all this in just a second, but before I do a few notes on what this is not:


  • This is not a get rich quick scheme.
  • This is not a ‘make a load of money doing nothing’ programme.
  • There are no guarantees of success or reward, because for all the training and support you’ll find here, only you can create success for yourself.
  • It is not a short term solution to your cash flow problems.


This is the education, support, and community that you can use to achieve your own permanent, life-changing success in the digital world, if you are willing to do what it takes.


If you are one of the minority of people in this world who are willing to take responsibility for your own future, and you have the drive to build it, then click the link below and get ready to start your journey.


Click here to start


To your success.


Phil Valentine


Ps.  The reason I’m so passionate about this community and all it delivers is because I have been a member myself for over 2 years now.  If you are not sure whether this is for you or have any questions please feel free to email me at phil@lifechangetoolbox.com

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