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How to deal with abusive people

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  So there we stood at the entrance to the venue.  Me in the doorway and the most angry woman I had come across in a long time opposite me.   My instructions that day had been clear.  No-one enters the venue without a ticket.  I sympathised with the fact that her little boy desperately needed the bathroom, and only…

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Take Control

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  Amongst the three foundation articles for this site lies the story of the old lady with a beautiful garden, who awoke one morning to find her garden filled with litter.  The point of the article being that responsibility does not equal blame.   But why is this so key?  Why is it so important that we separate these two…

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Touch of the Present

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  It was 4am on a Friday morning and my week had not been a good one.   The local theatre where I had been volunteering as a technician for the last 20 years had previously announced that they were in trouble financially, and two days earlier with no warning they announced they would not be opening the next day.   Productions…

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