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Who writes your story?

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    Sitting at my desk in my modestly sized home office I am gazing out at the beautiful sea view that lays beyond our new house.   A huge smile is on my face as the warm July breeze carries the smell of the sea in through the window, accompanied by the sounds of seagulls flying overhead.  All the sights, sounds,…

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Who is forgiveness for?

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  I was driving along the dual carriageway on my way home from work and I hadn’t had a great day. I wasn’t in the best of moods and the mannerisms of some of the drivers around me weren’t helping.   Seriously, I thought, what’s the rush? Do you really have to risk my life so you can get home…

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Two escape lanes from negative thinking

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    The negative thinking spiral.   We’ve all been there.   Sometimes for a few minutes, sometimes for days.   We start to worry, or regret a particular situation, and we focus on it more and more until it becomes this huge monster sucking our energy.  Before we know it a chunk of our lives has passed us by…

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