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It’s not true

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  In September 2016 I had the chance to spend 7 days with David Key at Knebworth House, just north of London, studying Neuro-Linguistic Programming.  A course which lead to my certification as a practitioner of NLP.  The course was great fun, and all the students and tutors were wonderful people to spend time with.   However, at the end…

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The symbols that we call words

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  What picture comes into your head when I say the word “apple”?   A yummy crunchy green apple? Maybe a red one? Maybe a fresh apple hanging on a tree? Maybe it’s rotten? Maybe it’s in a bowl? Maybe it’s the flavour of apple separate from any physical form? Maybe a juice? Maybe it’s a type of tree? ……..or maybe it’s an electronics company that…

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You’re not to blame

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  One of the words you will hear most from the best mentors in the world is the word ‘responsibility’.  The act of taking responsibility is one of those master keys that opens the doors to massive success, effectiveness, and abundance.   Yet for many this word brings a chill to the spine and immediately triggers a deeply unpleasant feeling.   Why?  Well, perhaps it’s because…

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