Two escape lanes from negative thinking

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The negative thinking spiral.


We’ve all been there.


Sometimes for a few minutes, sometimes for days.


We start to worry, or regret a particular situation, and we focus on it more and more until it becomes this huge monster sucking our energy.  Before we know it a chunk of our lives has passed us by and we missed it, stuck in our personally created hell.


All this advice and discussion about building a better life is great, but we don’t move towards anything good whilst stuck in the lethargic, depressing, landscape that such negativity can build.


So how do we get out? How do we exit the negative spiral quickly before it destroys any more of our resources?


Well the good news is that there are two tools you can use right now to do just this.  They are both super simple and highly effective.



 Tool #1 – The present


As discussed in my earlier article Touch of the Present, unless you are in some sort of physical discomfort in this very moment, then there can be no negativity in the now.


Being present is one of the fastest ways to move out of negativity, but how do we get present?  How do we actually achieve this?


The simple answer is, we use our senses.

 Exercise #1

  • Take a look at what is around you right now.  I mean really look.
  • Notice all the the colours, all the shapes.  Notice what is moving, and what is resting still.
  • Notice what you can smell right now.  Maybe the fresh air, maybe some food cooking or perhaps you smell something less pleasant.  It really doesn’t matter, notice it anyway.
  • Now notice what you can hear.  All those background noises that permeate our world.  See if you can identify them all.
  • What taste is lingering in your mouth right now, something you ate earlier or the freshness of a clean glass of water?
  • Finally notice what you feel.  The weight of your clothes, the temperature of the air.  What is each part of your body sensing right now?


Negative thoughts struggle to hold on to us when we examine the present.  If we really want to shift them however there is one tool that is even more powerful.



 Tool #2 – Gratitude


When it comes to feeling good and building a state of happiness, gratitude is the king of the toolbox.  Nothing else even comes close.


In today’s world so many people live in a place of fear or scarcity, even when their true needs have been more than met.  We spend our time focusing on what we don’t have or the fear of losing what we do.


However, when we let go of these thoughts and focus instead on what we do have, our lives become many, many times more enjoyable, very quickly.


It’s impossible to feel negative when you are a place of real gratitude and this one you can turn into a habit.


Do this when in a negative spiral and it will bring you out. Make it a morning habit and it will improve all your days.


Plus, it’s super simple.  Although to make it even more powerful I’m going to give you 4 levels to work through as you get good at this new habit.


Exercise #2

Level 1

Level 1 is simple.  List 3 things you are grateful for right now.

That’s it.  Repeat every day and you will have a habit that will change your life.


Level 2

As level 1 but without any entries on your list that are either negatives in disguise (Eg. I’m glad I will get to the end of this week), and no gratitude at the expense of others.


Level 3

As level 2 but see how long you can go without ever repeating an item.  Do this for long enough and you will have a huge list of things you are grateful for.


Level 4 

Make the 3 things;

  • 1 about your personal life.
  • 1 about your professional life, or contribution to the world.
  • 1 about you personally.  Perhaps something physical about your body, or a skill you have.



 The first tools in the box


So there you have it.  The first 2 tools you can take from and use to improve your life.


So what am I grateful for today?


Well I am grateful for the amazing mentors I have in my life, many of whom I’ll be introducing to you soon.


I’m grateful for the shifts in perspective that I’ve had spending time with them and the chance to share these and many other concepts with you.


And I’m grateful to you for being here and reading my posts, because it makes this all worthwhile.


Thank You.


Next let’s take a look at one of the biggest drainers of positive energy as we explore forgiveness.

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