The Question


Today we live in what is undeniably the most amazing and exciting time in all human history.  For those of us lucky to enough to live in first world countries this is the most abundant century ever.


  • We have healthcare that keeps suffering to a minimum and allows us to live longer than ever.
  • We have transport that allows us to explore the entire planet and is starting to touch the edge of space.
  • We have the most amazing quality of entertainment delivered to our home, allowing us to live stories at the limit of human imagination like never before.
  • We have such an abundance of food that discarded leftovers are commonplace.
  • We have unlimited supplies of water available without even having to step outside.
  • We have more information at our fingertips than our parents even knew existed.
  • We have tools that allow us to connect instantly with people in almost any other area of the planet.
  • We have the ability to clean ourselves daily and wash away the dirt of the day before.
  • and we can live our lives in safety, not feeling threatened by the world outside.


We live in the most luxurious years ever seen.


So, by rights we should be nothing but overrun with contentment and happiness, filled with appreciation of how lucky we are.


Yet for all this, the vast majority of people in these first world countries don’t wake up looking forward to the day ahead,

– don’t feel abundant,

– don’t feel safe,

– don’t feel fulfilled,

– and in fact many are diagnosed with depression, or even take their own lives.


So the question we have to ask is……




Why, in this incredible world we live in today, are so many people so unhappy?


Why today in this wonder of times do we feel:

  • Lonely?
  • Insecure?
  • Aimless?
  • Scarcity?
  • Bored?
  • Depressed?
  • Like Failures?
  • Not Enough?
  • Unlucky?
  • Bullied and picked on?
  • Stupid?  Ugly?  Undesirable?


The list goes on.


Where does it come from?


More importantly, how do we move on from these places and find a better place?  A place where we can live lives that we love to wake up to each day?  Is that even possible?


The good news is yes, it is.  I know because I’ve been to the bottom of this pit myself, and I’ve climbed back out.  I’ve learnt many lessons along the way and encountered many truly inspiring people.


It all began when I started to ask the right questions:

  • Is this all there is?
  • Is the currently schooled method the only way?
  • How come some people seem to find life so easy?
  • Will they teach me?
  • Is what my parents taught me true?
  • Is there anyone on the Internet who can genuinely help?
  • Is there a better way to find love?
  • Is there a better way to earn a living?
  • Why must I follow the default pattern of life?
  • Who said so, and why should they get to say?
  • Why should I stick to rules that aren’t the laws of the land?
  • I might have left school but can’t I still learn?
  • Why the hell am I not happy?
  • Why does work have to be a negative experience?
  • Why do I have to wait to 65+ to retire?


The Search


So with these, and more, questions in hand I started to dig.  I mined the internet for all I could find relating to the questions that were buzzing around in my head and with all my tech savvy searching skills I eventually found…


…a whole load of useless rubbish!


Get rich quick schemes, tricks for getting girls, how to make 2% commissions selling $5.99 books on Amazon, gambling, lotteries, conspiracy theorists……..and loads more rubbish!


But then amongst the rubbish something caught my eye, something that stood out.  A conversation between two men about the human mind and how we think and respond to the world around us.


It was the like the end of a thread and when I followed it I found something different.  A whole new world of potential and a path out of the pit.  A path into a world where life was a truly awesome experience.


In the sections that follow I’m going to map that path for you and introduce you to people who will change the way you think.  Then through this new thought, open the way to everything you feel is missing from your life right now.


Before we start this journey however I need to shift your mindset a little.  I need to explain 3 ideas that, when understood, will allow you to truly understand the rest of this site.


It all starts here, with the foundation.