Your lost power

Closeup of a notebook with a pen


We have a lot of thoughts each day.


There are various estimates kicking around as to exactly how many a ‘lot’ is, but I think we all know that a lot is a fairly good description.


Many of the thoughts you have each day are passing through and may have some benefit in the now or may not.  Some might be more disruptive, such as worry or resentment.  However, hidden in amongst these thoughts are a few ideas that are golden.


I’ve heard it suggested that every single adult has had, over the course of their lives, at least one idea that could change the world for the better, normally several.  Ideas that if we had acted upon them without fear or insecurity could have had a huge positive impact for ourselves, those around us, and possibly even the human race.


So why don’t we all spend our lives doing awesome things that change the world for the better?  The sad truth is most of these ideas are lost.


Lost treasures


They arrive in our mind with the thought of ‘wouldn’t it be good if’ or ‘what if’ or maybe ‘I wonder if’.  Sometimes they arrive as ‘why is it?’ and go on to challenge the way our modern world is organised.  They are lost however for one reason: because we fail to take action on them in the moment.


We don’t do anything with these thoughts when they arrive.  Either we don’t see the value in them or maybe they arrive at a time when other demands on our attention seem so much more important.


Now don’t get me wrong, I fully understand that ideas can turn up at the most inconvenient times.  When we are out with friends, during meals, when we’re out walking and have nothing to write them down on, or most commonly of all, in the shower.


So, these thoughts are lost and with them all the good they could have done for the world.  So what is the solution here?


Catching gold


Quite simply, when these thoughts arrive, note them down.


You’ll know when you’re having them. There will be something about the thought that will be attractive.


It might be a thought about the direction you want your life or career to take, or maybe a way that you could solve a problem for yourself or someone else, or a way you can contribute to society as a whole.


The trick is to always have with you a predetermined way of noting down these ideas when they arrive.  This may mean carrying a small notebook with you or you may use the voice recorder on your phone as a dictaphone.  My personal favourite is Evernote.  I have it on my phone and other devices and when an idea arrives I open the app and note it down.  Then I close the note and get on with my day.


The key I’ve discovered is to note the idea down exactly as it came to me.  I don’t edit or try and clarify it in anyway.  I just type whatever is in my head and move on.  Then, at a more convenient time, I look through the list of my noted down ideas and chew on them a little.   Not all of them go any further than this, but many that do, go on to deliver some great results to my life.


So be prepared and note down your ideas when they arrive, without judgement, and soon you’ll start to see some of the golden ideas that you have.



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